Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bully by Lee Hirsh

The documentary “Bully” by Lee Hirsh identifies that bullying has become an epidemic because kids are taking their own lives. Bully follows the lives of Alex, Kelby and Jameya who are bullied constantly and shows how bad bullying has gotten for them. The video also shows the aftermath of a family who had their son take his own life. Hirsh makes it aware that schools aren't doing enough to stop bullying. The author shows how upset parents are that their kids are being hurt physically and mentally. Bullying has gone to far and we must do something about it.
            What Hirsh illustrates in "Bully" is very true and is a concern that we should focus on more in our school system. The author shows the struggle of a family whose son had taken his own life because he was bullied. His dad talks about how he grew up as a loner separate from all the other kids and no one wanted to be with him. Tyler had his head shoved a locker and was told to kill himself by bullies. His parents are outraged because the school system did nothing about it. They believed that kids should be protected at school. Next is Alex who is 12 and is called fish face and constantly threatened and called bad names. One of Alex's main problems is how he is treated on the bus by a high schooler. His parents confront the school administrator who says that many children have problems on the bus but later on says that the bus is good as gold. Alex's parents had gone to the administrator many times but they never did enough to stop him from being bullied. The film also showed Kelby who is a 16 year old girl who has also been the victim of bullying. She has attempted suicide three times because of the pressure of being bullied. On the first day of school she is hit by a car and everyone avoided sitting by her. Kelby says " anyone who is different is put down". She is scared to tell anyone that she is gay even though she was raised taught that it was wrong to be. She is constantly bullied but again the school does nothing about it. Lastly is Jameya who was also constantly bullied and called names. Her bullying was so bad that she took her mothers gun and assaulted a bus full of her peers who had been bullying her. This shows how badly of effect bullying can have on some children. Bullying can make children seriously harm themselves or each other. Jameya was sent to prison with 45 charges, later she got out of jail after two months. Bullying is a horrible thing that happens to students today that causes mental and physical pain that no one should endure but together bullying can be stopped.

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  1. Good work Josh- very succinct and articulate summary. Keep out personal words and attribute last ideas to author.

    With the response, make sure you actually have a topic sentence argument and don't use personal words. You go through all the examples from the movie, but what is the point? What are you trying to argue? Remember that is the point of the response is to take a position and prove it using examples and explanations. Also, you can create a solution to the problem.