Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PLN2: Whats Wrong With the Teenage Mind?

         In the article What's Wrong With the Teenage Mind? Alison Gopnik states that teens aren't growing up the way they use to. The author shows their concerns on how kids are hitting puberty earlier than ever. That kids are becoming adults even later in life and staying in the "safe bubble" of home for a greater time. Gopnik shows how kids have less responsibilities today than ever before. She shows that kids have many troubles growing up. She also shows that kids are more likely to make bad decisions when they are kids.
        The statements that Alison Gopnik makes in Whats Wrong With the Teenage Mind are true because kids today are growing up very differently then kids before have. Kids are hitting puberty very early now. Some theories say that it is because children today are eating more and are less active. The author states that kids are staying in the "safe bubble" even longer which is true because kids today are given more time to learn things before they have to apply them to their adult life. Today kids are given such a protected and safe childhood. Humans depends upon adults much longer than any other species. The author describes becoming an adult as leaving the world of your parents and starting your own future. This start of a new future can be hard for contemporary kids because they have little experience with tasks they will have to tackle as adults. The final point of Gopnik is that kids today especially teenagers are reckless and not smart about making decisions. She explains how a teenager who can easily explain why to never drink and drive can end up in a drunken crash. Kids find themselves in dangerous position and all the time face the reality of power, respect, the drive for sex and if these decisions are not chosen wisely they can find themselves in dangerous or unwanted positions.


  1. Josh-

    Good ideas in your summary, but make sure to proofread as some are complete sentences. Also, make sure to add a "why" to your topic sentence. Finally, end with a concluding sentence and punctuate the titles correctly.

    Good work on your response. Punctuate the title correctly.


  2. I noticed that you don't have your hands in your pockets. and your interacting with the audience.