Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Editorial PLN

“Shooting from the hip in two Colorado towns” by The Denver Post Editorial Board examines the problems Colorado has with gun control because not only are citizens but police not using their weapons the way they should. The Denver Post Editorial Board show the uncertainty of city police stockpiling guns from the government or citizens who open carry and don’t believe that laws always apply to them. The Board talks about Castle Rock, which has the lowest crime rate of Colorado cities, has now allowed open carry in parks and buildings. They know that most citizens who own guns use them correctly but allowing open carry could cause problems. Next The Denver Post Editorial Board shows a sheriff in Larimer county who received 6 rifles and did not store them correctly so they were lost. They believe that police do not need machine guns so unless an emergency arises they should not have such fire power. Gun control has become a big problem in Colorado and must be more strict but still allowed.
The ideas stated by The Denver Post Editorial Board in “Shooting from the hip in two Colorado towns” are correct because people should not be able to free carry in parks and office building and police need better weapon protection. People have the right to own guns but there are not many reasons why you should carry yours through a park. Seeing a man in a park with a gun can be scary sight knowing what his intentions are with the firearm that he carries. Although most likely it is for protection but he could have bad intentions. People should be allowed to have guns at home as long as they are in a safe place and/ or under lock and key. There are people who want to show off their second amendment right and wave around their gun. Next when a cities police store weapons in mass without the government they could cause a lot of harm if they had an outbreak. Secondly cops should not lose weapons that they have received! They should have strict security and rules about the storing and treatment of guns so they could not be stolen or lost. Castle Rock allowing open carry is bad in the sense that you can carry a giant gun around town. Open carry should be limited to handguns that do not scare as many people because they still provide protection and it would have much less harm in the hand of maleficent person. Gun control needs to be more strict to avoid future incidents and make others feel safer.