Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Schools Would Be If It Weren't For The Students PLN9

          "Schools Would Be Great If it Weren't for The Kids" by Alfie Kohn(Valerie Strauss) denies the idea that teachers are what is wrong with school and says that it is students faults because of their lack of motivation and willingness to learn. Kohn writes that students have lost a lot of motivation to learn from what kids have when they are very young. He questions why they have lost this and if it is traced to achievement of students. He believes that students should not be judged by the overall improvement on the standardized tests. Alfie Kohn is an expert on students in education who has written twelve books about education and behavior. He has a lot of experience to back up his claim that students are what's wrong with education. Although teachers are often blamed for the lack of success in schools Kohn believes that students are the problem.
          The ideas stated in "Schools Would Be Great If it Weren't for The Kids" by Alfie Kohn(Valerie Strauss) are correct because students motivations has vanished and without it they have no intent to do well in school. Bribing or threatening may cause students to try but the motivation is not good. These weights over students heads often make them less interested in learning and lead to them despising school. Students are motivated by many things like getting into college, curiosity,   respect or impressing but when these fail to effect a student they tend to fall behind which is seen more often today than ever. Many students can relate to this because students  do get lazy and take short cuts. Whether it is putting that project off until the night before of waiting to do your homework before class. Laziness often shows on students who do good on tests and quizzes but are falling behind because they have not done a single homework assignment for that class. Students often will say " It's not due for awhile so I won't do until tomorrow!" but tomorrow never comes. This relationship between laziness and motivation is direct because student that are not motivated will be more lazy. Relating back to "a What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents" by Ron Clark who talks about how teachers should not be blamed for a students downfalls because the grade given to a student is shown by how hard they worked on that. Teachers can only do so much for students but it takes the students motivation to work and succeed for them to reach their student achievements.

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