Wednesday, October 30, 2013

            The video Web 2.0 ... The Web is Us/ing Us by Dr. Michael Wesch captures how connected the internet has become that it can link you to other pages but even people. Originally the internet could link you to other pages or websites but as the "machine learned" we have become able to combine websites, connect people and has become able to learn from us. Michael Wesch shows how digital text is better and more linear because it is more organized and has many more resources to connect to. In the video Wesch goes on an adventure through his computer showing all the new things and ways that the machine is learning from us. The web is us and is constantly improving itself through us and with us.
           The points made by Michael Wesch in the Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us are correct because today the internet is constantly connecting people but though that is learning from us. One great example of this is Siri a social and web navigator that allows you to do many things to help with your day such as asking a question, finding directions or setting an alarm. Siri is a system that learns from everything she is told which  is stored to make "the machine" more intelligent. This shows that is us and using us because it helps us but to gain more knowledge from us that it uses. Now that we can talk to this machine it is able to learn from us and reach out to us in many more ways. Now computers can even detect things though camera like emotions to see how you are or open you phone. Even on the new iPhone your finger print is held on the device which can be used by the machine in many ways when learned. With the new connection in the Web 2.0 makes getting distracted by the internet, like stated in  Michael Wesch's article A Vision of Students Today, with new Facebook posts, blogs and YouTube videos always being made the machine has more control over people especially students. The new Web 2.0 is made by us and learning by us but can be used to control us and distract us without thinking about reevaluating our lives, security and identity.

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  1. Good work Josh. Make sure to eliminate personal words and punctuate titles of articles/ movie correctly. Great extension examples used in your response.