Thursday, August 22, 2013

What do I read/write/think?

What do I read/write/think?

        To me reading is deciphering symbols that when put together correctly form words or even sentences. The reasons why people read are very diverse. Some people read because they want to learn or the book acts a portal to other worlds and adventures. Others read because they have to for a school assignment or their job. When you read you gather knowledge from the book that effect you in many ways you can become smarter from what you have read or you can even feel emotion of what is going on in the story. When I get confused with reading I go back and read it over and over again under until I understand what I did not get. When it comes to reading it is hard for me to read for a very long time straight or to read something above my understanding. I know I am successful at reading when I have understood what I have read and the main points and plots are very clear to me. My role as reader is to undstand what I have read and strive to learn from it.
         To me writing is knowing the symbols and being able to put them into physical form to make words letters, words, or sentences. We write so that we can express our opinions in physical form or make contact with a person without having to talk to them. When you write you remember symbols that you have learned from reading and you use a utensil to put them into a textual form. When I get confused with a writing I usually look at it closer. For me writing is hard when I am tired or have to write a lot. You know when you are successful at writing when others can process what you have wrote and understand it. My goal as a writer is to make something others can take part in or read.

       Thinking is the way that we make sense of the world around us. We are alone in our minds but we can process everything's around us and make opinions about it.  We think because without thinking we would have no opinions. With no thinking we could not know the world around us or be able to decide to not do something bad. When you get confused thinking you probably do not have enough information on what you are thinking about or cannot remember something important.thinking about more than one thing at once is impossible and doing long multiple step math equations is very hard. The only way to know if you thought successfully is to get feed back such as a good grade on a test or notice that you did the right thing. Our role as a thinker is to have opinions and be able know our world.

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